instil[s] a sense of wonder in her audience

- Broadway Baby, Edinburgh

In a nutshell:
Beguiling storytelling for the whole family / Feel-good twists / Intimate and imaginative

Show Programme ButtonWaves is the story of young Aussie, Elizabeth Moncello, daughter of immigrants and the unofficial inventor of the famous Butterfly stroke.

Elizabeth has a watertight reason for learning to swim and a school of fish, penguins and other amphibian friends to teach her how. Her determination, wit and courage help her defy the tide of expectation and discover her hidden strengths.

An intimate theatrical event, Waves is set in present day Edinburgh and 1930s Australia. 

Directed by Gill Robertson and produced by Louise Gilmour Wills of Catherine Wheels, the theatrical force behind the delightful White and The Ballad of Pondlife McGurk, this piece of storytelling has beguiled audiences from eight to 80+.

Recommended for ages 8+

Presented in association with Catherine Wheels Theatre Company and Imaginate Festival

Photograph: Cristina Todaro

Click here to download the written introductory notes for blind and low vision patrons.

Supported by Creative Scotland

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