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For Artists

Kia ora, greetings from Auckland Arts Festival and Aotearoa, New Zealand!

Auckland Arts Festival is a curated Festival that presents both international and New Zealand work.

For International artists:
We only present international work that we have experienced live.
The Artistic Director regularly visits Asia, Europe and the USA during the northern hemisphere summer to attend festivals, seasons and arts markets.
We do not present work only seen electronically.

For New Zealand artists:
We need to see you in action – in performance and/or in rehearsal.
We follow artists and their work.
We work in partnership with other arts organisations, producers and presenters.
We also produce new work.

If you are interested in participating in a future Festival, we are taking proposals NOW for 2017.

Please email us with a proposal (please do not send hard copies - save our environment and send electronically) including the following:

1. Name of Group/artist.
2. History/biography of group and artists involved, including previous professional engagements and performances.
3. Style of work/ art form/ contemporary or traditional?
4. Upcoming performances - where can we see the artist/company perform? (Note we need to know well in advance as the Artistic Director’s diary is scheduled months ahead).
5. Audience - who are your audience?
6. Venue - what style and size of venue do you prefer?
7. Any other information you think would assist us to know more about you?
8. An electronic link showing the artist's work.
7. Press reviews. 

The next Festival takes place from 2 - 20 March 2016 and has been programmed.
We are currently working on programming for 2017. The last possible deadline for proposals for 2017 is May 2016, however, many decisions are made at least one year before the Festival takes place.

Please email Carla van Zon, Artistic Director, here with information and/or invitations.