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March 2016
  • 18
      Performance Times:
    • 6:30pm

In a nutshell:
Expressive power / Ingenious jazz / Classic tunes reimagined

New Zealand String Quartet
Helene Pohl, First violin
Douglas Beilman, Second violin
Gillian Ansell, Viola
Rolf Gjelsten, Cello

The Concert Chamber will never be the same after Grammy-nominated jazz pianist and composer Uri Caine has done his thing. 

A Philadelphian-native, Caine produces eclectic and inventive interpretations of the classical repertoire and has reworked Bach's Goldberg Variations, Beethoven's Diabelli Variations, as well as Wagner, Schumann and Mozart. His collaborations extend from the Beaux Arts Trio to John Zorn, and from the Woody Herman Band to the Moscow Chamber Orchestra.

In Auckland for this one-night only show, he is joining forces with the New Zealand String Quartet, already popular for their creative engagement with jazz artists, including the legendary American guitarist Jim Hall and pianist Mike Nock.

Discover a new way to listen to the classics at what promises to be a fluid, energetic and innovative concert.

Photograph: Bill Douthart

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