A world of infinite beauty awaits at Auckland's Silo Park. See magical full-moon photographs of Auckland Zoo's animals under the night sky.

In a nutshell:
Nocturnal sound-scapes / Full-moon photography / Beauty beyond belief

Vibrant and fully immersive, Full Moon Kingdom reveals the secret and magical nightlife of Auckland Zoo. Taking the audience to a world of infinite beauty that unfolds unnoticed every night in our city, Full Moon Kingdom features not only full-moon photography but poetry, lighting and an enchanting nocturnal soundscape.  

Image credit: Kathrin Simon - FMK │ Alligators

With support from Auckland Council Regional Arts and Culture Grants Programme

Saturday 20 February to Sunday 20 March
Tuesday to Thursday, 12pm to 8pm
Friday, 12pm to 9pm
Saturday, 10am to 9pm
Sunday, 10am to 4pm


Full Moon Kingdom - the story from Kathrin Simon on Vimeo.

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