In 2014 Maddie Leach was artist in residence in Mandurah, Western Australia. This project references Leach's time there.

In a nutshell:
Meteors and Mandurah / Historical narratives / Recording time in art

Maddie Leach’s From where she was standing references Leach’s time as artist in residence in Mandurah, Western Australia in 2014. The project follows and extends a curious historical narrative between a rock, a meteor and a missing plaque in small town Western Australia. 

Image credit: At 10:10 am on 30 September 1984, after the appearance of a brilliant fireball accompanied by sonic booms, a single crusted stone (H5 chondrite) weighing 488.1 g fell within 4-5 metres of two women sunbaking on Binningup beach. From the collection of Dr Alex Bevan, Western Australian Museum, Perth.

Friday 19 February to Thursday 24 March
Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 5pm
Saturday, 12pm to 4pm

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