two expert clowns, and many laughs

- The Guardian, UK

In a nutshell:
Juggle-able food / Melancholy and hilarious chaos / My Kitchen does not Rule

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La Cucina dell’Arte beckons us to peep through a keyhole into the world’s worst restaurant and open the doors to a topsy-turvy, pizza-flipped joint where servants become masters, candles and crockery take on lives of their own and spoons play a tarantella on wine bottles. 

Circus Ronaldo dish up simple, romantic, Commedia dell’Arte, passed down through their family tradition. As the sixth generation of a renowned Belgian circus family, David and Danny Ronaldo restored the balance between theatre and circus and an outstanding combination was formed, of young artistic creators and old souls steeped in tradition.They are inspired not only by the old Commedia dell’arte and the stories of their forebears, but also by the taste of the future, which they 'picked up on the wind.'

The brothers have charmed audiences across the globe with their masterful blend of comedy, theatre and tricks always performed in their gorgeously petite big top tent, throwing elements of Carlo Goldoni, Federico Fellini, vaudeville and belly-aching slapstick into their mix for a night of laughter, fun and inventive theatre.

Embrace the chaotic service at La Cucina dell’Arte and be inspired for future Commedia study.

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Recommended for ages 10+

Photographs: Benny De Grove and Dag Jennsen

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Circus Ronaldo - History and Background

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