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a strong exploration of damage, oppression and ensuing explosion

- Edinburgh Spotlight

In a nutshell:
Teenage angst? Hell, yeah / Puppets of your nightmares / Psychological thriller

Innocent games merge with murderous intent in a violent royal playground of shifting realities and paranoia.

A six year old boy is crowned James II King of Scots and is the prize in a vicious game between the country’s most powerful families for whoever has the person of the boy king, controls the state. Seen through a child's eyes, the Scottish court is a world of monsters with sharp teeth and long knives.

Growing up alone, abandoned by his mother and separated from his sisters, James II is little better than a puppet. There is only one relationship he can trust, his growing friendship with another lonely boy, William, the future Earl of Douglas. The two boys cling together as they try to survive the murder and mayhem that surrounds them.

But the independence and power of young adulthood bring James into an even more threatening world. He has to fight the feuding nobles who still want to control him, he has to make brutal choices about the people he loves best, he has to struggle to keep his tenuous grip on the security of the crown and on his sanity....while the nightmares and demons of his childhood rise up again with new and murderous intent.

NOTE: Suitable for age 14+. Contains strong language, violent scenes, flashing and strobe lighting.
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EXTRAS For Teachers:
Members of the cast and creative team, and history specialists discuss key characters in The Day of The Innocents
James II
Mary of Guelders
Annabella Stewart
-  the younger sister of James II.
William Douglas
Balvenie Douglas

REVIEW – James II: Day of the Innocents (Edinburgh International Festival)

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